Archive | December, 2012

Week 4

10 Dec

I don’t see a post for week 4. I did check out the channel 16 streaming video and searched for youtube videos. I kept trying to find Marcia Wines storytelling videos at the library site on youtube only to find out later they had been deleted! What a disappoinment.


Game 19

10 Dec

I really enjoyed exploring a lot of the interesting websites and apps. Some of the websites I already use, such as opentable and sniqueaway. I receive alerts from them as well. Library thing, shelfari and goodreads look very helpful for finding books to read and recording books I have read. I plan to add the cpr and choking app to my phone. DC Rider looks very helpful on those days I take the metro. Lib anywhere sounds very useful when travelling. I already have the library app on my phone. Lots of information is available on the internet when you know where to find it. Thanks for the interesting sites and apps.

Week 8: Elearning

5 Dec

I started a Dell elearning course on email and echat etiquette. I thought it would be helpful for me, since I have been told I sometimes seem too abrupt in email.